Friday, August 19

When we got home...

 When we got home from Paris the kids were telling us all about the fun they had with Meems and BePops.  :)  They didn't have to leave until the next day so we had time to hang out with them and tell them about our trip.  The also told us about their time here.  Isaac is a lot like Daniel was when he was little, they said.  And that Daisy reminds them of Anna. :)  They played disc gold THREE times!  On an actual course!  They made smoothies every day and I am sure had MANY a tea party.  Isaac should call them sugar parties...cause that's all he up and eat the sugar. :)

 Colbie's funny faces on the window...

 So they had a trick to show us!  We all went to the back yard for set up. 

 Isn't she just precious y'all?  I am not biased at all. :)

BePops told us about the blind man who Jesus healed.  He said this is how the blind man felt when he realized he could see...

Then a little clean up.

Thank you so much Buddy and Maurine!!  The kids had a blast. 

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