Wednesday, October 19

August randoms

 Were y'all worried that Isaac had lost interest in Cars?  I wanted to post these pics to encourage you that NO, in fact, we are still going strong. Two solid years later. :)  I LOVE this boy and his cars. :)  

Behold...the car line. 

 Counting cars...
 I think I caught an "eleventeen" in there...

 And in August...Isaac turned 4!  More on his party later...but this was when he opened his family presents. :)  We had already decorated for the party with all the Cars things we had on hand.  Genius Melanie, pure genius.  Thank you. :)

 This is when Daisy began her interest in doing her own nails.  Whew.  This control freak Mama had a hard time with that (OH the permanent mess that could occur!!).  It was a learning curve...I think we both cried at some point.  And to be honest I don't do much nail painting on myself...and am not that good at it.  So giving her any pointers or tips was rough.
 But she looked really cute doing it...
 But poor girly Daisy.  I had such boring colors!  In the last few years I have branched out and do use better colors.  I even have some hot pinks!  Baby steps. :)
 So here is the decor for said party....

 Gotta have the tracks out at the party, right?
 And below are some cute pics of Colbie Jean.

 This is so my intense little Bean. :)  You can only imagine the volume.

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