Thursday, October 27

Coco Changed 4!

Isaac "changed 4" this summer!  I just realized that I posted about school but not his party.  So here we go.  And I know it shocks you all to know the party theme was CARS. :)  For about a week before we gathered up ALL THINGS CARS at our house in a basket.  It made for ALL of our decor!  It also slightly embarrassed me at the amount of Cars crap we have.  In my defense it's what he has loved for a solid 2 years...combine that with Disney invading every facet of life for a child (dollar items, to clothing, to lunch boxes, to ToysRUs) and we are doomed. :)

We just did a "small" party with his favorite buds. :)  
Kept the menu simple and had a good time.  

 It was a super special treat to have most of the Russells!!!  Jamie and Adam were home from China!  I am sure Gary would have attended had it not been on a Tuesday morning. :)
 Isaac and Emma playing cars.
 Alicia and Brandon came. :)

 You would not know that Isaac had a stern talkin' to about smiling in this pic, would you? :)
 McQueen.  What else do you need to know?
 And for the record they were Turkey Dogs, ok people?  
And straight up bad-for-ya Doritos. :)

 Jill and Carson came from next door.

 Mandy and Baby Obi (with Lilla Mae -below) from down the street.
 Per Isaac's request we played Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  
I found it online for free and he loved it.
 Atta girl Daisy...she is NOT a cheater. :)

 So when I was mama used to do this Fishing game at our parties.  The kids "fish" for a prize.  When you feel a tug you pull up something. Usually the first time was something you wanted to throw back like a sock or deflated balloon.  So you did...and then you got a prize or bag on candy.  We kept tradition alive and did it for Isaac's bday...and it was a hit! (btw the Phillips came too...Alli, Olivia, Grant and Emma Dean...who also live down the street).

 This is "behind the scenes" of the Fishing game. :)
 Thank you Walmart for having a Cars 2 cake.
 Time to sing (Colbie was napping).  
Happy Birthday Isaac, you're a sweet, sweet, sweet Bo Co.
 Lilla Mae, Emma Dean, Grant, the Co, Olivia, Daisy and Carson

 Isaac, while waiting on his cake, was stealing icing off the back of the cake.  
In the chaos, no one noticed...and he enjoyed it.

 Mandy, Jill, Alicia, Alli, me, Shelley and Debbie (who took all these pics!)
 Isaac was so gracious about his gifts.  I had forgotten to tell him to be that way...but he was anyway!  It was so sweet.  He would look at the parent and say thank you, go over and tell them or give a hug!  SO sweet.
 Trying to bust into a toy...can be so frustrating!!
 I love you Coco.  You are the most precious four year old I know.  I am so glad you are mine.

 Alli with Colbs post nap. :)

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Jamie G. said...

Great pictures! Awesome job Debbie! And he did need a stern talking to for that sideways pic. LOL!