Friday, October 21

First Days of School

 My sweet baby Daisy.  SIX years old and off to first grade.  Wow.  We had a small set back in back to school shopping this year.  This was the first year that she is wearing most of the same clothes/same size.  Crazy.  I didn't quite know that my mama mind bumped us up to the next size.  We tried stuff on, but not like "jumped and played like a 1st grader" in them...and they were all falling off!  So we had to scramble on the first day.  We all were pleased with the outcome, thank goodness. :)

 Silly Dais
 She picked out this backpack at Target.  We got her name put on it. :)  
She is loving yellow these days.
 Here we are at drop off! :)

 We went for icecream after school with some of her buds.  
Jack, Ryan, RJ, Emma, Megan (Luke is in the front not looking.)
 CoCo's turn!  What else but Lightning McQueen backpack. 
(And on that note, I always called them that a dated term now?)
 He loved this car shirt.  Thanks Jeeg!

 Gotta love him. ;)
 And this pic just makes me happy.  Makes me feel like I am organized and with it's all an act. :)

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