Saturday, October 29

Granddaddy Cagle

These pics are of my Granddaddy Cagle, Luther Elvege Cagle.  Better known as L.E. Cagle.  :)
I honestly don't know all the details on these pics.  I will ask my family and come in to edit it. 

Now do you see where I get my good looks? :) HA.

This one (above) looks like a movie.

My grandmother (Christine but we called her Grandmo) and granddaddy right after they got married.
Above is Granddaddy, who is holding my Dad, Grandmother, 
and my Dad's two sisters Deborah and Donna

Notice how my Grandmo is standing in this pic...I do that all the time. :)

This is how I remember him. (above)
This was his garden in the backyard.

Headed into Beltline Church of Christ.

They enjoyed traveling.
50th Wedding Anniversary

Granddaddy with my aunt Donna.

Donna, Dad, Deborah and Granddaddy with in the last few years.

on the mission field...

I love how the flare pants are back (and maybe on their way out again?)

Granddaddy and Daisy

Granddaddy kissing my brother Scott

He was a cook in the Navy. 

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