Friday, October 28

My Granddaddy Cagle

 My Granddaddy Cagle passed away in August.  He was such a wonderful and Godly man.  I am so thankful for his heritage of faith.  I have memories of him when I was little...pouring several kinds of cereal into his bowl, mixing it up and then eating it.  When we were little, he used to get a pen (that for some reason had an eraser on it) and write on our full bellies after dinner..."Granddaddy loves you."  I remember getting to help him in his big garden in the backyard. He'd tell us what was growing and how to care for it, how to keep rabbits out (mainly with his BB gun from a window).  And when we were done we got to go up on top of the Well House (they used well water).  Then we had to go in a snap green beans. :)  They had a huge front yard and it was full of trees.  One in particular was in the shape of a 4.  We loved to climb the "4 tree" and even use it for field goals.  They had an old radio on a table by the couch that played gospel/acapella type singing most of the time.  He had a small red wagon by his chair in the den that held books and bibles for him to read.  He wore jeans that were a light blue and super soft, maybe from wear?  I can remember him going out to get firewood for the fire when it was cold at Christmas with a Fruehauf toboggan on.  Some of his favorite phrases were, "Well how 'bout that?...Isn't that somethin'? ...Hi Doll!...I tell you what...Well that's alright..."  He had big strong hands...that my Dad has as well.  He would stand behind the chairs at the table by the kitchen and put his hands on the top of the chairs and kinda rub his hands there as he talked.  I know he was a hard worker.  And he wasn't afraid to don an apron and help cook a YUMMY breakfast.  I know he adored my Grandmother. I know he loved Jesus more.  I know that he is in heaven...and loving being with them both right now.

At the funeral there was a table set up of all Granddaddy's bibles.  
It was such a sweet way to remember him.

 He wore these hats working in the garden.

 Below is where he planned his funeral in the back of one of his bibles:

 He notes "15 min talk" and "magnify my faults and mistakes that others may profit by them."

 These 2 pieces of paper were what Granddaddy used to do his daily bible reading.  From '99 to '07 he would go thru and use a different type of mark for each year to mark the day he'd completed.

 So I know it's kinda weird to take pics at a funeral.  But those are memories too.

 Beltline Church of Christ made an amazing meal after the graveside.

 Dan, Kristy, and Nanny
 Daisy, Me and Granddaddy Coker
 Papa and Daisy
 Judy and Phil

 Me and Beth
Mama, Judy, Nan, and Jan

There was a slide show playing at his funeral.  I am going to post those pics as well.

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Michael and Hannah said...

I LOVE that you got to look through is Bibles... what an amazing testament of a life well spent. That one photo of his well worn Bibles quickly instantly conveyed what a great man your granddaddy was.