Thursday, October 20

Some iPhone pics...

 So I can't believe I am even typing this but I have found myself using my phone for pics more often.  It's not a bad thing but I love my camera and sort of feel like I am cheating on it. :)  Hilarious.  I just have to do what's fastest and easiest these days.  And while my camera is ALWAYS in my purse and I am pretty quick with phone is usually in my hand (sad but true) so it wins sometimes.  My camera takes much better pics.  So I am sacrificing quality for time...a thing I do more often than I like to admit.


Here are some phone pics (some reg camera pics mixed in too):

Buddy has been telling Daisy ENTIRE Narnia books.  I mean details.  And she LOVES it.  So here are some of her pics she drew about Narnia.  (Funny thing too...she saw some movie posters/trailers and she said, "That is not what those characters look like..." ha!)

 more Daisy art:

Dinner at McAlisters...mmmm, sweet tea.
So this pic above kinda random yet telling:  Daisy is painting the dining room yellow "I already painted that side.  Now just this one," ...and I am yelling at Isaac, "EAT YOUR BREAKFAST ISAAC!"  Ah, how I'm seen thru the eyes of my child...mouth large, arms least my hair is done, I'm in a dress and I have fresh flowers on the breakfast table. :)
One day we were playing outside and decided to play beach (mainly to get some shade!!). 

If sweet Colbie is in the car after 11 am...she is out.  Poor third babies and their naps (or lack there of...)

Ocala just got a MOCHI!  YUM.  Isaac was really enjoying his. :)
Daniel and Daisy went on a date to Chuck E Cheese.  These were their photo booth pics.
I ran across this book in our house the other day and a flood of memories came back.  
I used to read this one when I was little.  Good times...
Playin' in the rain!

Jessie and Buzz make appearances from time to time at our house.

Isaac said, "Look Mama.  I can eat string cheese and hop on one foot."  Awesome buddy!
Oh the death hold hug...never gets old...
And she doesn't hold a grudge. :) And Isaac looks HILARIOUS in this pic!
For a little marketing we bought these bags for the school to use to pass out their 
school supply bundles at the beginning of the year.  They were a hit!
Reading a book.

Daisy's meet the teacher day at school.  She was so happy!!

Sometimes you gotta compromise... (above)
Dan and I got to go to see Brian Regan with the Phillips in Tampa.  
IT WAS HILARIOUS.  I highly recommend him. :)

Ali's sister Liz and her hubby Brian met us there.
Doxa worship.  Kids on the front row. :)
I found this list made by Olivia and Daisy.   List of things to do at bedtime, for tomorrow, Games. :) 1. Concentration 2. Mrs. Mary Mack 3. Simon Says 4. Truth or Dare (uh oh!) 5. Sing-a-silly song   And then there is room for extra fun.  Too cute. Signed Olivia and Daisy "spin the night."

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