Monday, November 14

Annual Alabama Trip: Little boys edition

 So this year I took Isaac with me to Tuscaloosa. He was going to travel with me, have some fun Mama/son time and when we got there play with Alex.  Worked out well!  He LOVES to go on an airplane.  He is normally a home body but does like the occasional fun trip. :)  He traveled like a CHAMP. 

 So I am not ashamed of the fact that I do give Alex and Avery gifts when I come so they will love me. :)  It usually helps the warm up process with Avery.  I think Alex loves me (heck, he loves everyone!).  I got Avery a Minnie Mouse purse and sunglasses and shoes...she was diggin' those. :)

 The kids played and played.  They wallered, tackled, ran, laughed, jumped, watched tv...whatever and got along pretty well!
 Alex is in an ad on a magazine!  When he saw himself on the magazine he said, "Hey look!  There's my hand!"  HA.
 Sharing a Cars blanket watching Cars. :)
 We went to Nick at brush with greatness. :)  He was telling us that we were all being duped and being too prideful about beating Tennessee.  Thankfully we beat them anyway. :)

 Rachel, I didn't realise we went as twins. :)

 Nothin' like a little football in your skivvies on a crisp fall morning. :)

 Getting ready to hit the Quad with the boys.
 Posing in their TRENT jerseys. :)

 This, below, is little boy heaven.  Where phrases like, "Don't you want another cookie?" are heard often.  This is Mimi's kitchen at her house.  The boys stayed there a little bit while Rachel and I shopped some.  Isaac and Alex were in lovin' it.

 The boys were like puppies...always wrestling and tackling each other.

 Playing on the Quad.  The elephant's nose exit gave me pause.  But not the boys, they loved it.

 We went by Nanny and Granddaddy's seats before the game.  Liz and Bob Winter were there too. :)

 The game was fun.  Isaac was tired (past his bedtime) and was not loving the noise.  After halftime he got a second wind and it was better.

 Isaac and Alex started taking pics of each other.  I will spare you the other 5, 092. :)

 ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!
 Headed home...

 This was the Florida sunrise that greeted us as we came home. 

I ALWAYS LOVE my Alabama trip.  Rachel, you are one of my favorite people.  Thank you so much for all the fun we always have.  It is so fun to see our little kids play together.  You are such a wonderful wife, mama and friend. Catching up with you and hanging out makes me miss you even more.  I am so thankful to God for you. :)

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