Thursday, November 3

Colbie Jean at 20 months

I need to lighten these pics.  But my computer has been shutting down each time I try and use Kodak Easy Share.  Sigh.  So's the latest on Colbie.

She is a sweet girl.  And even in her (MANY) moments of testing the boundaries she doesn't seem to like to disappoint us.  She is busy and active.  Eating out with her is a little...trying. :)  She LOVES her siblings.  When they leave or come home she greets them with extreme volume. She does love to tell things "BYYYYYYE!"  Daisy's teacher and Isaac's teachers all crack up at this.  So do the random folks that we pass in public.  :)  For a long time we have allowed (and not corrected) her saying "Uh-uh" (the sound for no) for yes.  And it's catching up to us now.  She has now added the no head shake...not good.  So I am having to do some major re-teaching.  :)  She used to just say "mo" for more.  And now "mo" is NO.  "BOP!" is stop.  "I-yak" is Isaac.  "Be-be" is Colbie.  "Dees" is Daisy. She is Miss Independent.  She wants to do it herself.  She no longer prefers our laps...she must sit beside us.  She won't eat our scraps anymore...she wants her OWN FOOD.  Definitely no hand holding. :)  Daisy started having her repeat the letters of her name. "Colbie say 'c' (C), say 'o' (O)..."  It was so cute.  Then she started to catch on and now when you say "say 'c'" she says, "OOOOO"  hahaha.  She loves to read books.  She loves to show off her pajamas each night before bed.  She has found some hand-me-down ivory sunday shoes with a little heel on them.  SHE LOVES THEM.  She stomps around the house proudly.  In public she will go up to strangers, stomp one foot on the ground while looking at her shoe, and then look up at them like, "How 'bout that!?"  So funny. She sucks her thumb and rubs her index finger of the other hand under her lip.  And sometimes that finger also makes it up her nose!  She is a great sleeper at night.  Pretty good napper.  We had to move her bed cause she figured out she could reach the light switch and was turning on the lights in the middle of the night.  She loves music and rocks out when ever she hears it.  She'll stop at the Y in the hall and if Zumba is going on, I can hardly get her to the car!

I am so glad she is mine.  Colbie Jean you are a precious little girl and I love you so much!!!

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Jamie G. said...

Oh Sweet girl!! Wish I was there to get to know her better. We'll just have to make up time whenever we come back!