Tuesday, November 1

Fall Festival and such

 Daisy's school had a fall festival and it was cold and rainy.  Bummer.  But we went anyway...the kids had a blast.  Below is Chelsea, Daisy and Alexis waiting to karaoke to Hanuka Matata. :)

 Jean Bean about to win the sack race.  Our booth was the sack race. :)

 Becky and Patricia working the booth in the rain.

 Is this hilarious?  Massive amount of focus on being still for the face painter. :)
 Daniel and Isaac did the "crazy maze" together.
 Alexis, Daisy and Chelsea.
 Coco won a whistle...he donned it on the way home and was cracking us up with it. :)

 Then a couple mornings later we woke up to this...niiiiice.  Ugh.  We had a bad storm (which I slept thru) and a branch fell from the tree (that we used to love cause it's beautiful!) and shattered my window.  Then it rained all night in the back of my car.  Bummer.  It's all good now. But then it was NOT. :)

and well, you know...

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The Three of Us said...

I'm sorry about your car! That's rough!!!