Wednesday, November 2

Fun Saturday with the Phillips

 The Phillips were moving into their new house and we were keeping Olivia, Grant and Emma.  They are great kids so it was an easy day. :)  Daniel played in the yard with them for a LONG time.  And then it was my turn...we did art and cookie decorating. :)  It was fun!

 I heart fall and the preschool version of Halloween. :)

 I love my decor handmade by my kiddos.

 I had to share first pintrest project.  Scrapbook paper in a frame, 
using dry erase for a memo board!! LOVE it.

 emma was laughing at the cat...this pic cracked me up!
 Below is the cat that we think God sent to us to eat our rodents.  I really waiver on feeding it to keep it around and not feeding it so it stays hungry enough to eat mice and rats! :) Emma Dean named it Mary Anna...she loved that cat.

 oh Colbs.

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