Monday, November 14

Family Fun around Halloween

Mama, Dad, Julie and Emery came down the weekend just before Halloween. It was wonderful!  I had big plans for my sister and mom helping me to make this new place more "homey" for me.  And we are on a mission of shopping and hanging and decorating!  It was great.

E. cute is she????  And check out the boots.  We had triple teamed her to put in little pigtails...that lasted about 30 seconds. :)
David and Goliath in their car seats. :)

Jeeg in her position in the back.  True love from a Jeeg with carsickness.
Daniel did ping-pong at the mall again.  Captain America was lots of fun and had lots of visitors.  Great publicity for the practice.
Staff!  Jessica, Jenn, Tommie, Laura and Ashley
Colbie was NOT a big fan of the Captain.  :(  She was fine to stay put in her stroller.

Me and my hunk-of-burnin'-love. :)  LOVED the little wing/ears. :)  And the frisbee sized shield. 
Then we went to Coon Hollo.  I LOVE THIS PLACE.  And we get a great MOPS discount. 
Jules and Dad.
And they're off!!
wait for me!
and me!!

Tire swing!!

See the HUGE mud puddle in the bottom of the pic above...sweet Daisy found herself in that thing.  Poor Daisy. :(
Corn pit!
This pic below was taken moments AFTER my sister dropped that large pumpkin (that's on my lap) on my shin.  I was sure my shin was shattered.  She just laughed at me.  It's what we Cagle's do when people get hurt.  Shame...but funny. :)

I was posing with the pumpkins in the first place cause Julie had been telling me I had a pumpkin obsession..and maybe I do.  Unless they shatter my shin.  ugh...

I would seriously LOVE to have one of these in our backyard. For me.

Jeje, Papa and the grandkids

Mmmm corn on the cob...

Hayride to feed the cows. 

Colbie had a 'thing' about the farmer who drove the hayride...SO WEIRD.  
She freaked out when she saw him...both times she went to Coon hollo.
This pic describes the aggressiveness of the cows, the LARGE cows.  
They had sand paper tongues and were not afraid to use them. :)
more costume pics...

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