Friday, November 4

The Patch with Colbie

 Having child number three has made me realize why third children are such babies. Because to some degree they are neglected! :)  Poor Colbie.  When I took Daisy to the pumpkin patch for the first time both of us looked cute HEAD TO TOE.  It was an entire morning event.  We took TONS of pics and I spent time editing them and getting them just right.  Fast forward 6 years and 2 babies later...Colbie and I hit the Patch after the Y on our way to the office.  The pics are so-so and I didn't edit them one bit.  I'm sorry Colbie.  Mama loves you.  One day I'll come back to fix these pics.  Mama loves you. ;)

 "Show Mama the pumkin!" I said.
"Here it is Mama...and don't think you're getting a smile too." said Colbie.
 Hilarity!  This is Rebekah Steinmetz, the scarecrow, born in funny! 

 She's rockin' a Farrah Fawcett winged look today.  :)  
Or maybe David Cassidy?  I don't know...
 So I posted this pic (above) cause the set up of the pic was awesome...
but my subjuct would not cooperate!

Happy Fall Y'all!


emily said...

oh, i am right there with you, melanie! a few weeks ago, we went to the farm (which means lots and lots of pics!), and i was doing good to just find clean clothes for the kids the night before. forget them looking "farm-ish!"

colbie is such a CUTIE! her personality just jumps off the screen at you. :)

Jamie G. said...

Aw, here little leggings are supes cute!