Thursday, December 22

Ocala Christmas Parade

We hung out with some Doxa people at the Tolers and then went to the Christmas parade.  It was a little chillier than usual (60's? 50's at night).  So we all loaded up and walked down to the Lankers company property. They are always so kind to let us go down there to sit and watch.  It's perfect!  No crowds in our area and the kids have a place to run around.  So much fun!!

Heading down...

Emma Dean and Isaac (she'll be 5 this month!  And he is 4!)

Debbie with Whitney :)
Daniel, Isaac, Kaylie, Colbie, Olivia, and Daisy waving at the floats.
Levi, ED, and Grant

me, C and Amanda

the float above had cloggers! 

There was one moment of drama when a power line fell on a truck pulling a float.  And this random lady emerged from the crowd yelling, "GET BACK!! GET BACK!!!"  She looked to have no authority of any kind besides being able to yell the loudest. :)  She screamed for someone to call 911.  So Daniel does....and comments to the 911 operator "I guess you are getting lots of calls about this..."  She says, "No, sir you are the only one."  Hilarious!  The whole crowd could have watched someone get fried before our very eyes...and they didn't wanna be on the phone with 911 when it happened!  They may have missed something!  It was so crazy.
Alli (levi and grant) and Me (co and Colbs) and Jen
Jen and Kaylie
Emma Dean

Boys wrestling like puppies...
Daisy and Olivia were dancing to the music
Alli, Amanda, Me and Jen
This pose of Colbie cracked me up...

Wednesday, December 21

Isaac the Photographer and such

 Isaac was taking pics with my camera the other day.  This pic above (once again) describes Colbie.  She can't just stand there and "pay" (play), she has to be planking between the table and couch.  :)
 This pic above is Colbie cupping my no make up face.  :)
 Stocking are hung...
Good Job Co!

Another set of funny things I don't wanna forget about Colbie:

If we tell her no she now immediately follows with "WHYYYYYYYY!?" while walking off...mainly cause she doesn't even know what that word means. :)  Her speaking is really taking off.  She has this little cheer that she loves to say.  It goes, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah!"  It's pretty stinkin' cute. :)  She loves to point out "foobah" (football) and then say, "RO TIIIIH" (ROLL.TIDE.).  She loves to sing "Wheels on the bus" to this little CD in the car.  She does all the motions to wipers, driver, people...etc.  She also raises her little praise hands we when all sing Travis Cotrell "To The King" at the top of our lungs.  We hear "OOK" all the time (look).  And when Dan and I tell her no...she goes to Daisy to be's hilarious.  And honestly, it usually works...sweet Daisy.  She loves to "pay" at the Y.  She walks right in and holds her little hand up to get her bracelet to check in.  And when we are out running errands if we start to head home (like are on the streets near our house or turn to go home on one of our "well beaten paths") she starts crying and screaming, "NOOOOO!" (which now as I type I realize makes me sounds like a terrible mother at home) cause she doesn't wanna go home.  I choose to interpret this behavior as she is my clone and we like to be on the go and PACKED (that was for you Joneses!:)).  And all day long she asks me about whatever family member is not with us.  "Where Dada? I-yak? De-see?"  I say, "Where is Daddy?"  She says, "Ah wurk."  

Any guesses on what this little boy is doing while his mama checks out at Publix?  
Care to venture a guess?

He is straight up SNIFFING the candy.  Yup, since his mama is too cheap (and trying to teach a you-can't-always-get-what-you-want lesson) to get him candy, he is content to sniff it all in while he has the chance.  I noticed him lingering there a couple times while I checked out. Finally the third time I asked him and he said, "I just wanna at least smell it if I can't have it."  HAHAHA.  The staff at Publix found it equally as funny.  Especially when he would bend his knees, choose a row and sniff across the whole thing.  HI-larious.  :)

Tuesday, December 20

Doxa Christmas Bonfire

Doxa had a Christmas Bonfire out at the McGraws house one Sunday night.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!  The McGraws did an amazing job.  They went all out with lights, bonfire, bounce house, hayride...ect.  SO FUN.  Not to mention the horse!  He's quite handsome. :)  We had chili for dinner with toppings and then all made s'mores at the (maybe illegally large) bonfire in their pasture.  Each house church brought enough for their group...providing enough for all that came.  (Great call Alli!)  We had a big crowd...people guessed maybe 80 to 100 people.  We hope this can be an annual event!

 Debbie, Lisa, Emma and Jen (Hostess)
 Emma Dean, Isaac, Daisy, Josh, Kaylie, Grant
 Colbs and Dan
 Matt, Daniel, and Jon (Host)
 Emma Dean and Kaylie
 Amanda, Brady and Chris Pell
 Staci and Ingrid
 Cowboy the horse and girls petting him (Jen did his hair for the party)

 We had a couple of "incidences" with the bounce house deflating...
great time to take a pic instead of pitching in to help, right? :)

 Da BOMBfire. :)
 Sweet little Nat Nat roasting her marshmallow
 Kaylie fishing roasting her marshmallow
 Karen was the s'more maker.  She manned the table and 
helped people travel on the road to deliciousness. :)
 Josh and Jenne.  Btw...someone brought a bag of ENORMOUS 
marshmallows...have you seen these?  Insane and just as yummy.
 Patrice and me
 Isaac and Kaylie
 Brandon Phillips and Emma Dean
 Jen, Amanda, Brady, Jared, Sawyer and Meghan
 Mark, Grace, Colbie and Ashton
 The Pools

 Emma Toler

 Dan roasting up some yum.  :)  Seriously, with a fire this size it was hard to get this close to it.  It was HOT.  But it helped solve the danger of kids-running-around-the-fire-and-maybe-tripping-into-it issue.  They all kept a very nice, sizable distance from the flames. 
 Elders (Tom and Ray) and Leo

 Tessa, Daisy, Kaylie and Miranda
Lisa and me

I was in charge of this event happening...but I cannot take credit for how great the McGraws made it!  It was such a fun event.  

That night my shoulder REALLY started hurting (it was hurting ON my shoulder bone for about a week or two sort of annoyingly...and mildly a few weeks before that.).  Chris adjusted me at the bonfire...ha!  That Wednesday I went to an Orthopaedic dr who diagnosed me with capsulitis of my AC join.  Since taking anti-inflammatories regularly and taking it's MUCH, MUCH better.  I am at about 90%.  Bothers me most now when I sleep on that side and when I reach up all the way.  So thankful it's getting better!  Just wanted that documented. :)