Wednesday, December 14

Christmas pics

I thought these pics were cool of our new place. :)  I love the old Oak in the yard...most of the time.  I don't love that it drops BILLIONS of acorns a day.  Then I run them over with my car and makes the driveway messy.  I am not 100% sure that there are not little squirrels up there pelting us with them when we are outside.  And it hurts!  And when they drop on the house we are all like, "Whassat?"  We are getting more used to the noise.  I also don't love it for dropping a branch on the back of my car and shattering the window during an 8 hour storm.  Ugh.  Ok so maybe love was a strong word... :)

Debbie asked me to take some pics of her little family at Matt's work.  We met them there.  She offered to take some pics of our little fam too.  Since we had already sent a Thanksgiving card I wasn't stressing about these but thought it'd be fun to have some pics.  Debbie had some cute ideas. :)  And they turned out super cute...probably BECAUSE I didn't stress.

 This one above coulda been a great card pic!  Daniel had to run up from behind and stop by me to get Colbie to smile.  Impressive with both girls.

 not sure why we did angry face...
 Nothin' says Merry Christmas like short sleeves and spanish moss. :)  Merry FL Christmas.
 This is sweet baby Whitney.  :)  I don't have her pics...but they were super cute.  Debbie has a NICE camera.  She gets it set, tells me a few tips and tells me to snap away taking pics of their family. 
 I love this pic.  It's just what happens lot with little sweet to see their legs/feet/toes hanging out.

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Jamie G. said...

LAUGHED OUT LOUD at your Jot to the World pic. Even Colbie! Oh goodness, that is hilarious!