Sunday, December 18

Decorating for Christmas

Christmas decorating is getting more and more fun...cause my kids are actually enjoying it! :)  This year we were accompanied by the Phillips girls.  Even more fun!  We had on Christmas music, baked cookies, placed various Christmas items around the house and hung the ornaments.  Good times!  

Oh Christmas bush.  You were such a disappointment until Alli told me about the Target Candle (Nature's Wick) Holiday Wreath...that is SO yummy and Christmas-y that it makes up for your lack of smell. :)  We did have a little issue with this does not require the same light application that the other kind does.  Here is the deal (in case you don't know):  Frasier's require a sort of in-and-out of the lights as you go around to avoid a Charlie Brown Christmas tree look.  Douglas does just run around it and lay them on.  This is the ONE bonus of the Douglas (and it's cheaper...but we know why!).  However...I was unaware of said instructions and it took THREE times of getting lights on and off the tree.  I thought I was running out of lights!  Nope.  And the in-and-out plan was only buying the lights in the tree making them harder to see.  Phew!  And that was after we had tried to use last years lights and NONE were working...bums-to-my-lou (another way to say "bummer" at our house). Anywho...after all that was sorted...this fun afternoon took place.  It was so much fun!!

 The kids took turns taking pics...

 I think Emma may have taken this pic.  Look at our Santa's hat ornament perfectly positioned over Daisy's head. :)

 Fresh bakes Christmas cookies (only the best...break and bake, baby!)

 I got this little count down calendar last year after Christmas on sale.  So cute!  Eric Carle pop up scene.  Each day they open a little paper ornament (for the tree) or gift (for the boxes).   Cute!

Then they all sat and watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer...the old school one.  

Merry Christmas!!

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