Tuesday, December 20

Doxa Christmas Bonfire

Doxa had a Christmas Bonfire out at the McGraws house one Sunday night.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!  The McGraws did an amazing job.  They went all out with lights, bonfire, bounce house, hayride...ect.  SO FUN.  Not to mention the horse!  He's quite handsome. :)  We had chili for dinner with toppings and then all made s'mores at the (maybe illegally large) bonfire in their pasture.  Each house church brought enough for their group...providing enough for all that came.  (Great call Alli!)  We had a big crowd...people guessed maybe 80 to 100 people.  We hope this can be an annual event!

 Debbie, Lisa, Emma and Jen (Hostess)
 Emma Dean, Isaac, Daisy, Josh, Kaylie, Grant
 Colbs and Dan
 Matt, Daniel, and Jon (Host)
 Emma Dean and Kaylie
 Amanda, Brady and Chris Pell
 Staci and Ingrid
 Cowboy the horse and girls petting him (Jen did his hair for the party)

 We had a couple of "incidences" with the bounce house deflating...
great time to take a pic instead of pitching in to help, right? :)

 Da BOMBfire. :)
 Sweet little Nat Nat roasting her marshmallow
 Kaylie fishing roasting her marshmallow
 Karen was the s'more maker.  She manned the table and 
helped people travel on the road to deliciousness. :)
 Josh and Jenne.  Btw...someone brought a bag of ENORMOUS 
marshmallows...have you seen these?  Insane and just as yummy.
 Patrice and me
 Isaac and Kaylie
 Brandon Phillips and Emma Dean
 Jen, Amanda, Brady, Jared, Sawyer and Meghan
 Mark, Grace, Colbie and Ashton
 The Pools

 Emma Toler

 Dan roasting up some yum.  :)  Seriously, with a fire this size it was hard to get this close to it.  It was HOT.  But it helped solve the danger of kids-running-around-the-fire-and-maybe-tripping-into-it issue.  They all kept a very nice, sizable distance from the flames. 
 Elders (Tom and Ray) and Leo

 Tessa, Daisy, Kaylie and Miranda
Lisa and me

I was in charge of this event happening...but I cannot take credit for how great the McGraws made it!  It was such a fun event.  

That night my shoulder REALLY started hurting (it was hurting ON my shoulder bone for about a week or two sort of annoyingly...and mildly a few weeks before that.).  Chris adjusted me at the bonfire...ha!  That Wednesday I went to an Orthopaedic dr who diagnosed me with capsulitis of my AC join.  Since taking anti-inflammatories regularly and taking it easy...it's MUCH, MUCH better.  I am at about 90%.  Bothers me most now when I sleep on that side and when I reach up all the way.  So thankful it's getting better!  Just wanted that documented. :)

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Jamie G. said...

Daisy, the diva poser in that pic with her friends! Sorry your shoulder is hurting, but glad it is feeling better!