Sunday, December 11

Facebook Regurg. :) (Posts from the last few months)

SO Daniel made a great point.  He said, "When you post things on FB, it usually means you don't put it on the blog.  And all our fun memories are lost in cyber space."  He makes a great point.  If I do ANYTHING else with pics or writing then the chances of me doing something with them again is low.  So, I went on FB and copy/pasted things.  There...found our memories. :)  Enjoy (if you haven't already!):

--Used to be when I stepped into the bathroom alone away from the little kid madness (on that rare day I went in ALONE) I had my clearest and best ideas/thoughts ...turns out it was just the CFLs slowing coming on. Mama brain wins again...

--My kids must be pining over a broken relationship cause "Every Light in the house is on" by Trace Adkins is their theme song. CAN SOMEONE ELSE BESIDES ME TURN OFF A LIGHT 

--There's a part in the song "White Christmas" (the Bing Crosby version I'm pretty sure) that there is some seriously skilled whistling...every time I hear it, I think of my sweet Granddaddy Cagle. Y'all, he could whistle JUST like that...makes me miss him.

--My mama says that Christmas is a HUGE party put on for the world by women...yes, yes it 

--Anyone ever frustrated that one year at Christmas your kid got an opinion and no longer wanted what you wanted them to want? (re-read that...I'll wait.) Ugh. 

Oh well...and on that note...have other Floridian online shoppers run into the addition of Federated States of Micronesia as an option in front of FL for your address? I have NO idea where this place is (and you don't have to comment on your Google search findings...) or who 
lives there...but surely more orders are coming from FL...come on, put us first. :)

--Here it is! Isaacs second annual MOPS fundraiser photo. I love my little barefooted bike boy. :)

--I have plans of working out really hard M, T, W so that Th, F, Sat, Sun I can do the opposite (sit and eat). :) I don't think it actually cancels out..but in my mind it does. :)
Deep. Fried . Reece's. Thank u light up Ocala.

--If you need me Monday or Tuesday it looks like I'll be busy both days with "car." Thanks Isaac :)

--Bittersweet feelings fill my heart at the news, "Mel, we caught another rat" was just announced....eeeeeuuwwwlleesghgha (shiver)

--My whole life I have hated "fall back" since it got dark so early (especially in Centrail time zone). But now at the ripe old age of thirty-aldkjidj I kinda dig it. Weird huh?

--Just because. What a man, that Daniel Jones. :)

(pic of flowers Daniel sent me...CANT FIND MY PICS!)

--Oh have snuck up on me...

Random pics:
 Kids at their MOPS photo shoot...posing before their REAL shoot. :)

Fun times at the park with the Gorman boys!

 Colbie LOVES to swing like Super Man! :)
 Daisy and Colbie got some hand-me-downs from two different people in different states...and had matching dresses!

I love my Publix Thanksgiving Pilgrims. :)

 Now, THAT'S a LOAD of kids. :)
This is how we roll...
(sorry I couldn't resist the cheesy, over done line...)

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