Saturday, December 10

Halloween Fun

 Meet Rapunzel. :)  Don't worry, we tamed this mane...eventually.  
And tried to keep the shoulders more covered. usual. :)
 Escaping ladybug.  She had this costume and a pumpkin as a hand-me-down.  
We had an option for both hot and cold weather. :)
 EC was in town so we stuffed them all in their costumes for a cousin pic. :)  
The busy bee wanted no part of it.

 What a sweet little head, with curls....
 Dad at work...
 Dan and I took the kids to the Maricamp Rd Fall Festival.  It's GREAT!  and free!!
 Daisy changed to a Geisha for this event.
 We got this costume when Daisy was little. I think we paid $3 for it.  Daisy, Isaac and Colbie have worn it!  And it's in great shape!  Talk about getting your money's worth for something! :)

 below is fear factor game. :)
 Then pick a ducky for a prize.
 And bounce houses are still a huge hit for my kids.  They never get old for them.


 Trunk or Treat
 Smashing Pumpkin.... :)
 For some reason this was making me laugh...a swing FULL of pumpkin :)
 See?  We finally braided the wig and added a headband. :)  The hair was ALL OVER the house. But she loved it.

 Daisy presented her project in costume on Halloween Day.  Then she got to come home early with me. :)
 A pic she drew in her science folder.

 Daisy with her project.

 Kayla, Coralei, Emma, Daisy and Megan
 Mrs. Bray's class
Daisy's chia pumpkin she made!  Really cute.

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Michael and Hannah said...

Colbie is such a beautiful little girl! Daisy and Isaac look so much alike, it's always interesting when a sibling has a look all her own.