Thursday, December 15

Jones Family Thanksgiving: Tybee Island

 All the Joneses gathered in Tybee Island, Georgia.  We rented a 6 bedroom beach house.  Plenty of space for all of us, wonderful weather, good company... it was GREAT.  I am so thankful to be a part of the Jones clan.  We really enjoyed being with everyone and their kiddos.  Especially Dave and Eryn.  They brought their three precious children who are currently in the foster care system in GA.  While I can't tell you much or show you much (hence no group pics featured) just know they are PRECIOUS and wonderful little ones.  It was so fun to watch them be parents (naturals, really) and care for those sweet little ones.
Daisy and Aunt Sarah
Lots of crafting went on...
Chris deep in thought. :)
We had a lemon tree in our yard.

If you think this pic looks have no idea.  :)  Nine kids under the age of 8 in one house was...well, LOUD, and at times down right chaotic. ;)

 Isaac with Meems glasses on and Lukie Luke

jon did
Caleb and cars...

Colbie "Everyone is thankful for me" Jones

Anna, Sarah, and Meems
The Jones Fam
Sarah and Chris
Anna and Don

We got to spend lots of time with Sarah and Chris.  They are leaving for Kenya for 4 years in Dec. Sarah has a job with the CDC.  They both will be doing ministry there serving children in need.  :(  We will really miss them (can't stress that enough...but REALLY, we will. :().  But we have big plans to go see them there. :)

There was a playground a short walk away from our house.  It was fun to let the kids burn some energy!  This pic below pretty much sums up life with Colbie.  Full force.  


Michael and Hannah said...

Such a magical Thanksgiving! I have so much respect for your family and that they all have active ministries building the Kingdom!

Jamie G. said...

LOVE Colbie's shirt! Jen used to have one that said "When God made me, He was just showing off."