Tuesday, December 13

Light Up Ocala

Each year we attend Light Up Ocala.  They light up all the Christmas lights around the square and the big tree that night.  We have never actually stayed for the "light up" part, ironically.  But there is PLENTY to do otherwise.  We ate some yummy food (deep friend reeses...YUM.), heard some good music, and watched some fun entertainment.

 Is Ocala big time or what?  We had one of those real statue things...I mean I had only seen these at Disney.  We are moving on up! :)  She was really good.  As you can see, Colbie wanted NO part of that statue.  So she just posed like this to make the screaming stop, I'm sure.

 Some kind woman (probably one who is never in her family pics either!) offered to take our pic.  Note to self:  Mel, we go over this all the time...sit up straight, fix your shirt, and for crying out loud put your feet together...sigh.  What am I going to do with me?
 Juggler, unicycle rider, etc...now balancing shoes on a podium on his chin.
 Here is our little family taking in the show.  Look at Daisy...is she the perfect audience member or what? :)  He is just shocking and thrilling her little soul with his mad skillz. :)  And Isaac, well, he could be watching Curious George at home.  This is actually a microcosm of Daniel and I at most things. :)
 Isaac loves a Monster Truck.
 So this was a great band on the main stage.  They asked for a Dad to come on the stage and help them sing a song.  Dan volunteered and took Colbie too. :)

 The tree...not lit.  :(

I guess C thought this was how you were supposed to pose for pics since we told her to do that for the one before. ;) HA.


Michael and Hannah said...

Wow, your hubby is a rock star! What did he sing? Colbie's reaction to the statue was the same as Carigan's reaction to Jack Sparrow. So funny.

Jamie G. said...

Where is Daisy's shoe while she is watching the juggler? Was her balancing her shoe? No wonder she was so impressed!And it does not surprise me at all that Daniel got up and sang. Haha!