Monday, December 19

Lights Downtown

We headed back downtown one night to ride the Ferris Wheel and see the tree lit up.  We met the Highs down there for some fun.  We also ran into the Skadhauges there.  

 Colbie was not tall enough to ride.  The other 2 were but were a little nervous at first.  
They warmed up to it.
 View of the square from the top!

 Thomas, Isaac, Daisy & Natalie

 The High Family:  Jared, Sawyer, Meghan, and Nat Nat :)
 We did a little carriage ride.  Good times.  
(Regretting the onion head hairstyle for the evening but over all a great time. :)
Daisy get's Art Smart points for bringing in a pic of her by one of the Ocala pics.  


Michael and Hannah said...

Beautiful lights!

Jamie G. said...

Love that picture of the kids in front of the Christmas tree! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Colbie putting her arm around Daisy like such an adult. - Cortney