Thursday, December 22

Ocala Christmas Parade

We hung out with some Doxa people at the Tolers and then went to the Christmas parade.  It was a little chillier than usual (60's? 50's at night).  So we all loaded up and walked down to the Lankers company property. They are always so kind to let us go down there to sit and watch.  It's perfect!  No crowds in our area and the kids have a place to run around.  So much fun!!

Heading down...

Emma Dean and Isaac (she'll be 5 this month!  And he is 4!)

Debbie with Whitney :)
Daniel, Isaac, Kaylie, Colbie, Olivia, and Daisy waving at the floats.
Levi, ED, and Grant

me, C and Amanda

the float above had cloggers! 

There was one moment of drama when a power line fell on a truck pulling a float.  And this random lady emerged from the crowd yelling, "GET BACK!! GET BACK!!!"  She looked to have no authority of any kind besides being able to yell the loudest. :)  She screamed for someone to call 911.  So Daniel does....and comments to the 911 operator "I guess you are getting lots of calls about this..."  She says, "No, sir you are the only one."  Hilarious!  The whole crowd could have watched someone get fried before our very eyes...and they didn't wanna be on the phone with 911 when it happened!  They may have missed something!  It was so crazy.
Alli (levi and grant) and Me (co and Colbs) and Jen
Jen and Kaylie
Emma Dean

Boys wrestling like puppies...
Daisy and Olivia were dancing to the music
Alli, Amanda, Me and Jen
This pose of Colbie cracked me up...

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