Monday, December 12

Sock Hop, Oaks Mall, Whitney, and the Bean

These are some pics from Daisy's sock hop this fall.  It was sports themed.  So she sported Isaac's Alabama jersey (Roll Tide.).  She loves a sock hop.  She gets to dance and eat all the pizza, snow cones and popcorn she wants. Good times.

 Alexis, ?, Daisy, Chelsea, ?, Ryan, Ryan E

Daisy loves Chelsea and Alexis but they are in a different class this year.  :(  But times like this they get to hang out and party!  I love the Gator dancing with the Bama Fan...  TIL Daisy started doing the chomp with everyone when the music came on....NO MA'AM. :)  I had to intervene.  I made her sit in time out and sing Rammer Jammer...KIDDING!  HA.  Daisy, remember...Love God, Love Bama.  Just Kidding...sort of....hahaha jk, most of the really...

 Daisy's teacher is Mrs. Bray.  She is doing the chicken dance in the pic above.  Daisy ADORES her.  She told me, "Mom, I love Mrs Bray.  She is beautiful.   And sometimes she wears her hair down and a dress...and she is rockin' it.  I bet whoever is married to her is like 'man, I am glad I married her!'"  HA.  Sweet Daisy.  Mrs. Bray is very kind and loving.  Daisy responds very well to that.

 So this pic above just makes me feel old.  We have such fond memories of her on this playground (Oaks Mall Playplace) with Langston Key and Reid Wagner...and look at her now!  Technically too old/tall to be playing on it.   Ah time...where do you go?
 SO her little sister steps in to play the role....

And THIS my friends is Whitney Miller...the long awaited and SO precious baby girl of Matt and Debbie Miller.  She is edible. :)  We went to dinner with the Millers and I got to hold Whitney.  She performed for our photo shoot...spit up on Aunt Mel!!

Below is Miss Independent.  She wanted to stand on this step stool and as my MIL would say, "...and she didn't mean maybe SO!" So Daisy and I stood near by as spotters.  She needed a better view of Isaac and Shelley doing the puzzle.  Maybe she thought and arial perspective would be helpful?

Jean is so cute and can be so sweet.  But she is VERY independent.  She wants NO help getting the large car door open, getting in, crawling into her seat and buckling.  No, she can't even buckle herself in!  EVERY TIME we get in the car, which is a lot, she fights for her rights.  Whew.  She has started (the week before Thanksgiving) crawling out of her crib...IN HER SLEEP SACK, PEOPLE!  Granted, it is a big sleep sack and there are feet holes...but still it narrows her range.  And she still scales out.  So we are hoping to make a bed transition for her soon.  She is LOUD, bless her little third child heart.  :) It's true that the volume works.  She loves the Christmas lights.  "OOOK!  -Ights!!" One of my favorite tricks of her is naming whose all our clothes belong to when I fold the laundry.  Honestly, this is amazing, in that, I'm pretty sure Daniel couldn't do this. :)  But she'll size the item up with her eyes while saying "uuummm....." then announce the answer, which is amazingly accurate.  She loves to read...but will only sit next to me...not on my lap.  She loves DVDs where they sing.  She eats well and sleeps well.  Although she is quite the early riser.  When she hears music or a beat of any kind, she is cutting a rug!  She's a mess.   She's a mama's girl if she's ANY one's girl. :)  She really loves showing us her pj's each night after she is dressed for bed...pajama parade.  She sings/hums the tune of twinkle, twinkle or ABC's all the time.  She loves to hide in the kids room closet and close the door. But that door is funny and has a tiny handle that she can't work to get she yells.  I have gotten her out a bazillion times. :)  She loves baseball in the yard with Daddy.  Her vocab is growing but we still have many moments a day where I am at a complete loss as to what in the WIDE world she wants.  Colbie Jean, butter bean, sweetest girl I've ever seen.  We love the Jean Bean Seen.  She's my clone. And I love her. :)


Eryn said...

Awesome update. I love the part about the crying when she shuts herself in the closet. Every now and then I hear a faint whining sound and as I investigate it gets louder and louder until I find Braylen in some room in the house because he knows how to shut a door, but not quite good at figuring out our door knobs yet to open it :)

Michael and Hannah said...

Colbie and Carigan are two of a kind! Except that Carigan has never climbed out of her crib!!!

Debbie said...

Someone should teach that Little Whitney Girl some manners! sheesh! :)

Jamie G. said...

Daisy would have "rockin it" in her vocabulary. Love that Jeaner!