Thursday, March 31

Do I need this shirt?

check out this site...and this shirt...

is it me?

Tuesday, March 29

Caulleys in Perry

We started our trip with an over night trip to Perry to stay with the Caulleys. They moved there in January. We loved out time hanging out with them and letting the cousins play. :) I failed in the pic category on Friday but got some shots of us at Luke's soccer game on Saturday. Luke's team won (even though they didn't keep score. :)) Luke did great!!

Luke (5), Caleb (18 mos), Daisy (6), Colbie (13 mos), Jon David (8), and Isaac (3)
This pic is Anna's life but I caught it on camera. She was chasing he was chasing a "bah" (ball).
Luke, JD and Daisy on the sidelines.

Uncle Don in action...coaching the team.

Victory Tunnel!! :)

Saturday, March 26

Field Day @ MSA

Daisy's school had Field Day. It was the Friday before Spring Break. It was CHILLY. It was in the 40's with a wind chill of less than that! Brrr! :) Daisy had a blast! She was in the Frog Hula relay and Ball Walk. This Field Day was planned, executed, and it ran like a well oiled machine. I mean they really had their act together. (I remember when I was in school almost missing an event I was in cause there was so much going on at once!). The kids were all cheering for each other. It was really neat.
Yay for Ms. Crosby's class!

Megan trying to keep warm!
Alexis and Daisy

Me and Jennifer Catabia (Chelsea's Mama)
Waiting on their towels for things to start!

Jake, Dais, Sofia, and Alexis yelling for their friends. :)
Alexis jumping in the relay
Daddy, Daisy and Chelsea
Kristie Griggs taking shots of all the kids.
(SO glad she is our class photographer!)

Mama, Dais and Daddy
I saw this hanging in the hall when I walked in for Field Day. Cute.

Thursday, March 10

Things I will revisit when she's a teenager

mom rocks

I don't like mom, I love mom!
Mom, I love you more than anything

Sweet Daisy!! I will save these forever. Notes like these make the long days worth it. :)

I love you sweet girl!

Pot for kids

They were cracking each other up making faces in the pot while I was boiling potatoes....HA!

random march pics

Sweet Jeaner...about to get her shots (2 weeks late thanks to an ear infection). She is pulling off leggings in a t-shirt. :) Pretty cute.

This is the first lizard (or "Le-lo" as he used to call them) that he caught on his own! He was so proud! We were at lunch at McAlisters after church.
Then Jared showed us how to make a lizard earring. But the lizard realized his brush with freedom and took advantage....and he got away. :)

Nothin' like a balled on a sunny afternoon sittin' on a windowsill with a purse. :)
Sing it buddy.
Daisy wore these bug boots. :) Now he loves them.

"Mama, take a picture of my and my lined up cars." we were taking Daisy to school...and I saw this when we got outta the car...whatever.

We went to bday party last weekend. It was this kinda day!

My Tough Cowboy

Ok, so...MOPS had a fundraiser with Antiquities, a photography company. We could raise money by selling $10 sitting fee sessions. We just had to show up for the sessions. Normally these kinda pics are not my cup of tea. I prefer non studio, non dress up pics. But for a good cause (cause you know I HEART MOPS) it was worth it. :) So Daniel and Meems helped me take the kids. They were all running a muck as the sessions were running a little behind. It was finally our turn and the kids were disheveled and sweaty. Oh well. In they went. The photographer was actually pretty amazing! She was so fast and the kids responded really well to her. And for some reason, Isaac turned in to Mr Cheeseball and just worked the camera. HA! I had no plans of purchasing pics...but when I saw her capture the pic was in the bag! :) She said, "Hey Little Man, show me your muscles...act tough." And this is what we got....

Some funny Facebook comments:

"Is he selling tickets to that gun show?"

"You know there is more than just one gun in this pic."

"If there was a show-down between Outlaw Isaac and Jack Bauer, who would win?"

Just too funny!! We LOVE it. It reminds us so much of Daisy's pony pics. If you love this pic...check hers out for sure. :) Now we will have to be sure we have a funny one of Colbie at this age. :) Hope you enjoy this pic as much as we do!!


This was too funny not to share! A friend linked it on FB. HA!

Tuesday, March 8


Daisy (with my expression and speed): Mama, lunch...we were smelling each others breath. Well, first I said 'Alexis, smell my breath. And she did and it was disgusting. And then I smelled hers...and it was disgusting. Then Sam wanted us to smell his, and like, I didn't know what to do cause we knew his was disgusting. So I held up my black lunch tray to block it. He said it smelled like cookies. But it didn't Mama.

Me: So Alexis was willing to smell your breath?

Daisy: well, no. I actually just haah-ed in her face. And then she haah-ed in mine.

Daniel and I were cracking up!!

Wednesday, March 2

the world thru Daisy's lens....

Daisy got a digital camera for her birthday and has LOVED it. :) She takes pics all the time. She has even figured out the settings and flash and so on. And like her Mama and Papa...she is a picture taking fool. :) She will see a pic on my computer and want to take a pic of the screen! HA! I may be biased...but I think that she has some skills. See below for proof.

Daisy and Papa shooting each other

Uncle Blake

Phil and Kyle

matt feeding his face
Papa with Trollbseys

Aunt Julie
Aunt Kristy
her new kitty from Disney

Uncle Scott
mama and Colbs
birthday girl

pics on the way to Orlando (above and below)