Sunday, December 30


Our CCC small group made these bags so that we could give to people who are asking for money.  We made them as a group and then each have some in our car to hand out.  It was cool for the kids to be involved in it too. :)

 Candle number one on it's way down...

 Saw this somewhere around Ocala...I had to text a pic of it to the Pells and Tolers. :)  We were not falling for THAT again. :)

This was the exact total that MOPS raised for the Give a Goat project!!!  WE. WERE. SO. IMPRESSED!  We did give a little more and round the number to $1000.  We had enough to give 22 families goats. :)

 SOCK HOP!  Janae and Daisy
 Ryan Gorman representing us at the Sock Hop. :)
 It was Western themed.  Ain't she cute?

 This was one night when we went out to see Christmas lights in our pjs and dessert.  

 Marion Counties finest! :)

Saturday, December 29

Jones Christmas...from Daniel's phone :)

I'm not sure if I mentioned I was sick for part of this Christmas.  SUCH A BUMMER.  While I was down and out...they went to see Christmas lights at Silver Springs (so sad I missed this!) and the next a.m. the girls went shopping (this too!).

Way to go Silver Springs for having a fun snow hill!!

 The one day the "guys" went zip lining. Well...Dave was supposed to but they had to leave early. :(  So Sarah gladly took his place! :) Matt Miller also joined them.

Me sick on the couch.  Yes, i took my pic.  And aren't you glad you can see where I was? :)

They had a blast!  

Saturday, December 22

Christmas Party with Friends

We had planned a really fun party with a DJ...but it didn't work out this year. :(  So we settled for a nice dinner at the Country Club of Ocala with 10 couples. :)

 Alli and Steph
 Brandon and Alli
 Becky and Diana
 Steph (our pediatrician!) and Greg
 Debbie and Matt

 Phillips and Scroggies
 Scott and Rachel (the original party planners)

 Casey, Diana, Me, Alli, Steph, Becky, Rachel, Andrea, and Debbie
 the Hostesses :)