Wednesday, January 11

Daisy's Art Class, Mr Richard and Christmas

Christmas time!

We headed downtown to a store called Olivia and Co that was hosting a small concert for preschoolers.  Mr Richard is pictured above.  He was great.  And HAS to be the most secure and confident man to perform before this age children.  At any given time there were maybe 2 listening and 10 doing whatever they wanted to!  It seemed chaotic and like no one was listening.  All the moms, I could tell, were trying to make Mr Richard feel ok with smiles and nods and clapping along or after songs.  HA.  He was actually very good.  We got one of his 4 CD's and they LOVE IT.
When we arrived, Colbie Jean was just not sure of what all was going on.  Isaac was in a funk.

But after a while, Jeaner warmed right up and started cutting a rug.  But then she'd run back to me and plop in my lap as if someone was about to snag her.  HA. As my friend Rachel says, "They don't won't (want) you!"

Daisy takes art once a week at a studio in downtown Ocala.  
She loves it!  Here is the gingerbread house she made for Christmas.

Daisy and Ms. Liz (her teacher)

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