Sunday, January 15

Gingerbread, Super Man, Date night, when Daddy leaves, Isaac's class party and Christmas Eve

Daisy made this in art class...she loved it and ate it. :)  
Isaac seems to have lost his upper lip in this pic...not sure what happened there...
When Daniel gets home all three kids run to him..."DADDDDDDYYYYY!" and then get to take turns doing "Super Man."  He throws them over a shoulder and they put their little fists out in front of them and he sings the Super Man song.  He runs all thru the house with them dodging walls and such.  THEY. LOVE. IT.  He tried to make me do it once.  No thank you.
So we had a date night to eat at Fiore's and see the Nutcracker.  We got all dressed up (I know, I look like I am about to go on an interview...but it was $23 at the Loft.  Bag it.  Not even an option to leave it in the store.).  And as we stood for our pic...the kids flocked to us.  I mean, as if we had a kid was hilarious!  Any other time they RUN.  What in tha???  HA.  Coulda used this for our holiday card!!  Esp since Colbie is pants-less. :)

Daisy had Polar Express Day at school. ;)
Everyday that Daniel leaves, they like to watch thru the mail slot.  Cracks me up.  Sometimes they use it when someone knocks.  Once Isaac screams, "MAMA!  THERE IS SOME MAN WITH PANTS ON AT THE DOOR."  Well, thank goodness for that.  

We love Loving Care. :)  This is his class Christmas party.  YES.  CHRISTMAS PARTY.  :)

This pic above looks like one we will come across in a few years and laugh at what these boys are up to.
They passed out little gifts to each other.  Isaac made out with some serious LOOT.

So, I was the helper.  And while the class was gone, I went behind these two games.  They would feed that reindeer head a carrot and I would pass them back a prize.  They loved it.  There was only 6 carrots and 18 kids so we have to keep passing carrots back out.  At the end, I shoved all 6 back out the Reindeers mouth to the floor in front and the ENTIRE CLASS ERUPTED IN HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER at the "Reindeer threw up on the floor!!"  I couldn't stop laughing at all their giggling!  Then they got to fish over the ginger bread house.  They all got the same thing...but still didn't mind taking turns, knowing what they'd get.  After a while they started getting curious about who was back there since both teachers were in the class.  One boy kept trying to peek.  And then screams out, "HEY! IT'S ISAAC'S SISTER!!"  Ooohhh, small child.  What was your name?  You are my new favorite. :) (Besides Isaac, of course.)

Isaac and JJ
Daisy's Christmas projects at school

Reading the night before Christmas...

Dan telling the story of Jesus' birth with the Little People nativity. :)

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Jamie G. said...

Oh I miss the elementary school Christmas activities. So much fun!