Thursday, January 19

HC Christmas Party

We had a little Christmas celebration at our house for HC. It was great!  We love our HC.

KC and Amanda Lorick with their little "Angel Baby" Maggie. :)
We did a gift swap of something from our house that we don't use or need. :)  You couldn't buy anything. it was interesting!  (Above:  Meghan, Erin, Andrea...nice hair bow Andrea!)
Mike, Jared, Russ
Score!  Angel figurines!! :)
maggie and sawyer

Meghan with her bug zapper!
Sweet poker faced Sawyer. :)
KC with his new flip out hair comb. :)

Here's the whole group:  Owens, Joneses, Lindsays, Highs, and Loricks. :)
Don't you love our Christmas party attire?  Shorts, flip flops, tanks and such?  HA!

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The Three of Us said...

I spotted a picture I took of the 4 Jones siblings that is hanging on the wall... That warms my heart. Also, I love your home... It looks very cozy.