Wednesday, January 18

a little everyday for ya...

So one thing I have noticed about living with my little ones is that they like to be around me.  Sometimes I wanna shake the little leaches off and just get one deep breath (and potty break) alone. :) Sometimes it makes me nervous that my EVERY move is being watched and repeated.  YIKES.  But sometimes, I love it.  I know it may not be this way forever as they grow up. Although I do remember doing this to my mama.  (And still do when I go home. :)) 

When I am folding laundry, it's not long before all 4 of us (when Daisy's home) are all in the laundry room.  When I change location it takes about 2 mins before the meandering finishes and there we all are again. :)  No one makes eye contact, Isaac usually still has a car.  Colbie wanders in and find a new small space to hide in.  I keep doing the dishes, loving that they follow me like ducklings with a Mama duck. ;)  

I noticed it when we moved to this house.  We put most of their toys in a back bedroom.  They will not go back there to play.  I thought this was interesting and then started noticing where they DO play, and the pattern of closeness.  And while sometimes this drives me NUTS (when they are whining in the Witching Hours), most of the time it warms my heart. :)

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Jamie G. said...

Aw sweet baby ducklings! It's cuz you're such a good mama!