Friday, January 20

Nashville Christmas-1

It was Cagle Christmas!  So we packed up and headed north.  

 Fun on the plane!  They actually did really well.  Colbie was a little all 22 month olds are.  It was fairly uneventful.  Just like we like it. :)
 I have to tell on Colbie here:  she was watching a DVD on the plane.  It was turned toward her so that the DVD player sat at an angle, leaving a little space on the tray in front of the DVD player.  I have her a sippie cup for a drink, she took a swig and planted it right in front of the DVD player where she clearly could not see.  I just took it and placed it to the side in an attempt to help out.  She glares at me for 3 whole seconds, leaned up, grabbed the cup, slammed it down where she had it RIGHT in front of the screen and then punched her thumb in her mouth and LEANED TO THE SIDE to watch her movie.       WOOOOOO...she can be a stinker!!
 We had a birthday dinner for Daniel!  Happy Birthday Beh-beh! :)  We had gotten him some gifts at home (corn hole, oh-OH!).  But in Nashville, Mama fixed several of his favorite things for dinner.  Daisy decorated. :)  (This is also when Julie started to be symptomatic of the stomach bug...that we all passed around...good times!  Sick Christmas part 2!)
 Jeje reading bedtime stories. 
 It was COLD-IE.  We got to use all our winter gear that we bought for last year. :) We did shove Colbie into a 12-18 mo jacket.  I am not ashamed... 
 I love this pic of Dad in action with the camera.  The top is fuzzy cause I took this pic out of the window.
 Dan braved the coldness and played outside with the kids.  
He's a handsome man, that Daniel  Jones.  And I am not biased at all. ;)
 One day we went to Monkey's Treehouse.  It was so cute and fun.  There was even a fun petting zoo show going on.  
 Notice Isaac's head has grown since last year...he looks like a burglar in that hat. :)

 Waiting for the animals.
 Brave Coco (with burglar hat head) and Daisy. :)
I believe Colbie decided the petting zoo was not for her at that time. :)  (Thanks a heap, Eve.)

 Colbie on the sitting push toy...hence why I thought she'd love the scooter we got her. Not so much.
 E. Claire working her way outta the little ones ball pit.  

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