Thursday, January 26

Nashville Christmas 2

 Burger Up BABY!  VERY good.  

 We always seem to need a token dancing stuffed something...this year it was a tree. :)
The girls dancing to Papa's iPhone music
Family pic
The guys and kids headed to the park on morning.

Girl cousins. :)  Emery and Colbie are 5 months apart and 
are essentially David and Goliath in size. :)
Isaac was loving him some Uncle Scott this trip. :) I liked that. :)
Colbie's hair is finally long enough for some cute pig tails! ;)
Blake smoked us some yummy meat for dinner one night. 
Papa made a rope swing for the kids to play on...they loved it.
the Bean
I took this pic of this statue.  His name is St Francis of Asisi (I think). Anyway, he is SUPER heavy.  But somehow he made his way around the yard while we were there.  So Mom said he was our "Saint of the Shelf" for the THAT's funny stuff. :)  (I am still chuckling writing this a month later!)
It ain't a Cagle gathering with out a little corn hole action. :)
Mama and Kristy...our first Christmas with her being "officially"in the fam. :)

Blake boxing Jules with his ski gloves. :)  She is not too amused. 
Dan and Jean Bean

The Gingerbread Man and his adoring wife. :)
Nashville Christmas Sunset
YUM!  Way to go Blake on this great meal!

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Jamie G. said...

Love the picture of the girl cousins! So cute!