Friday, January 27

Nashville Christmas - 3

 The Cagles have a great tradition of pooling money we would have used for gifts for each other and give it to a ministry that we decide on together.  I LOVE that we do this.  Taking the importance off of what we get and putting it on others in need.  That's what Jesus would want for his birthday. :)
 Gettin' ready for supper.
 Gifts for the kids

 Can never lose with another McQueen for the Co.

 The beloved Rapunzel doll she decided she had to have for Christmas about 30 mins before the day.  Sigh.  Jeeg and Aunt Julie rock. :)

 This was before church on Christmas day.  The jury is still out on 
if Emery Claire is a morning person or not. ;)

 Church at Otter Creek.
 We've come a long way folks.  When I was this age and there was no nursery available I was made to sit perfectly still, no babbling, pretending to understand the sermon.  True story.  Now a days, it's iPad all the way.  Dang.  But you know, I feel my hardships have shaped me in to the mean mama I am today. :)  JK.
 The Newlyweds. :)

 Christmas Lunch
 Playing outside
 Dan would be running pretty fast behind this toy...and Colbie's
 face and low monotoned screaming was hilarious.

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