Saturday, January 28

Nashville Christmas - 4

So this was a really fun part of our trip: ICE! @ Gaylord Opryland Hotel.  It was Madagascar Themed (which my kids love).  

 In the parka area
 How cute is this parka baby??  

  They had warned us it would be 9 degrees in there.  Literally...nine. degrees.  They weren't kidding.  They didn't factor in the "wind chill factor" in there which made it feel like 30 below.  No joke.  They had fans blowing in there making it MUCH colder.  They did warn us.  And if they are handing out parkas free for gotta take these people seriously.

 my snow bunny sister and mama...nice ear muffs. ;)
 Santa made completely of ice!  It was really amazing y'all.

 Scottie and Kristy (Dad and EC busted in)
 "why'd you do that papa?"
 Ok, here Colbie is going down.  It's only a matter of time before this FL baby (who was already over tired) lost her ever loving mind and WOULD not be consoled.  In her little was ridiculously cold.

Group shot!  

 Dan sliding
 Uncle Blake!  
Y'all I am not kidding that it was a serious sacrifice to take pics in there!!  My hand was stiff from coldness and turning red. :)  AND my camera was functioning slow!  As you can see, I took one for Team Blog on this one. :) Actually JeJe took one too with all the slide pics.  Way to go Jeeg!

 At this point, Daisy and Coco were on their way down too.  We thought (incorrectly!) that the slides were at the end.  OH no...much more to see after.  But we had waited there for them to slide til their little hearts were content.  So they were DONE (meaning FROZEN) and we still had several rooms of ice left to view.  I hated to run thru them all.  But we were at risk for frost bite of the face and toes (it had already attacked our attitudes)!! We had to move fast. :)
Isn't it amazing that all of this was ice??

Isaac was trying to be sweet...never has had a great poker face. :)
Yes, in our hurried state I did make them take a few pics.  Mean ol' mama.  But the ice was so neat I didn't wanna miss the opportunity.  But these faces are hilarious...I'm surprised they were not a blur since they hardly stopped for this pic! HA.  Isaac used to tell me all the time that he wanted to live where it snowed (before he had ever seen it or played in it).  I think he's changed his mind now. :)

The nativity...very cool.  Literally. heh heh heh.

She likes to Move it Move it. :)
This, my friends and family, is a miracle.  Colbie Jean sleeps for NO ONE outside of a crib/pack n play in a dark room.  No carseat, no shoulder, no choke hold has ever mastered what you are witnessing above.  Poor baby girl...she was TIRED.
Coco couldn't get warm, so we wrapped him up.  He looked like a little Tootsie Roll walking around. :)
Papa was making Emery laugh...she was so cute. :)
Poor E. Claire.  When you are a little thang...this (above) happens to you a lot. :)  
She doesn't seem to mind it too much. 

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emily said...

very cool! (heehee). seriously though, the sculptures look amazing! my FL kids would've been mizzzzzzerable too after a while!

i am cracking up at the nativity scene at the end of the madagascar exhibit. :) gotta throw Jesus in there at the end! ha! i guess i should be impressed that they even included the nativity. looks like y'all had fun on your trip! and thank you for helping me not be the only mama blogging about christmas at the end of january. :)