Tuesday, January 17

Our Early Christmas Morning

 So we do this every year...early Santa.  We are always on the move for Christmas.  And I love Christmas and it's traditions, but not enough to haul it all to where ever we happen to be that year.  The kids think it's whatever day we tell them it is, "Hey, y'all we go to church today...get on your church clothes."  They'd be off to don clothes that have no holes in them.  :)  So we tweaked that little phrase to Christmas Eve (to do all those festivities) and we were set.  "Hey y'all, guess what?  It's Christmas Eve!...go put on your pi's!"  Well, with the exception of Daisy. She knows the advent calendars have not hit 25 yet.  But she is in favor of early presents so she goes with it. Plus, she "knows" so she doesn't care or ask.  Isaac doesn't know.  But he doesn't even ask really.  Maybe a few very basic ones...but as long as he gets cars...he don't care! :) He did ask why Santa would come when we had not finished eating the chocolate or decorating the advent tree.  But we told him he had to come early since we'd be outta town. :)

And btw...thanks Santa, I mean Jeje and Papa! :)

The whole Santa issue, EOTS (Elf on the Shelf), and gifts and such is a whole 'nother blog post that I probably will never get around to writing but wish I would. *Sigh* 

 The stockings were hung...finally with names!!  4 years later ain't bad! :)

 Isaac's reaction to his favorite gift!  The Mater Tall Tales Monster Trucks.
 Daisy with a new scrapbook.

 Colbie with the ball machine.
 CoCo for sure gets the prize for best reactions of the morning!

 Colbie got this little scooter.  It can be up like this or supposedly she can sit and push around on it (if you raise the seat and lower the handles).  Well, her legs are too long for the other setting (the one which I thought she would use the most).  So I post this pic because I want proof she played with it at least once. :)  You win some, you lose some.  Bummer.
 Hay-yo?  Min-mou? (Hello? minnie mouse?)  
Looks like Minnie is delivering terrible news.

 Bean got Llama, Llama, Home with Mama

 This is her thing now...sucking the thumb and picking her nose...
Daisy got a little sewing kit...she did so well on her first sewing project!!


Debbie said...

Santa shops at Cracker Barrell I see...(Saw the bag in a pic)! And way to go Daisy! The little bear she made is adorable! love yall

Jamie G. said...

Love Colbie's shirt! Love Isaac for still loving cars. Love that Daisy got a scrapbook and a sewing kit. Girl after my own heart!