Wednesday, February 8

5 points of Life Kids race

We went to the 5 points of Life kids race this weekend.  

Daisy had gotten new tennis shoes...she needed some BAD.  And it was just in time!

Get ready....get set.... 

Bean and I waited as Daisy, Isaac and Daddy ran.  They run a mile (-ish) around the mall.  Daisy ran the whole way and loved it.  Isaac and Daniel ran too.  Dan said Isaac would sprint, sprint, sprint then stop and sit on the curb and say, "Dad (pant! gasp! wheeze!) I (gasp) wish I was home right now.  Like not at the end, but like (pant!) at our home."  Then off again, sprint, sprint, sprint and then, "Dad (pant! grimace!) I (gasp) wish I could FLY!" Off again...  Man, doesn't every new runner feel that way?  hahaha!

After the race they were playing fun dance music.  Colbie Jean couldn't help herself!  She was gettin' DOWN. 

(but I have to mention here that although Colbie loves to dance she does NOT hold a candle to her cousin, Emery Claire.  That little red head is a dance MACHINE.  And seriously, if she grows up and isn't doing something dance related it will be a shame.  I'm already exercising my dialing fingers to vote for her on So You Think You Can Dance.)
Go Colbie, Go Colbie... 
...It's your February...

Aww, the kids got their pic with the race sponsor. :)

Coco made it and got a medal! :)


Mendy Cline Spivey said...

Love the blog Melanie!! I think you are an awesome mom and you make me laugh. I Am glad I signed up to follow you. I blog too if you want to follow.

Mendy Cline Spivey said...

By the way I was looking at your blog on my iPad with Tanner on my lap and he kept pointing at Colbies picture saying "Colbies"

Jamie Greene said...

LOVE Isaac's red hat. So cute!