Wednesday, February 1

BePops and Meems Visit

Buddy and Maurine came to stay with us at the end of December.  We loved having them (as always!).  When they arrived we headed outside to enjoy some lovely Florida December weather.  We picked some oranges from our trees and had a little snack. :)

A little corn hole never hurt anybody. :)  While we were playing...I sunk THREE IN A ROW...and missed the 4th!  AHHHH! Almost...

Meems and BePops plotting when and how to give the kids their gifts. :)

The next day we went to play a little disc golf.  We only played 3 holes before it was nap time.

Funny action shot of Dan the robot player...ha!

The rest of the visit I had a TERRIBLE stomach virus (that I think was passed around at Christmas in Nashville).  Thankfully they were in town to help Daniel with the kids.  But I hated to miss out on the social time time them. :(  We love having them!!

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