Sunday, February 26

Daisy's Birthday Surprise

We had decided to give Daisy her own room for her birthday.  And we told her we had a surprise for her. She had said she liked this bedding when we were at Target one time.

As an aside...I have TERRIBLE patience on giving gifts.  I wanna give them the second I see the gift receiver.  Just ask Daniel.  I'm not sure he's EVER waited for his bday or Christmas, heck even close to those days for his gifts.  I can't help it.  I am so excited!  But this time I had to wait. We were having the room painted and so forth.  I. WAS. DYING.

We still planned on giving it to her the few days before her bday! :)  Once it was painted I had to sprint and decorate.  We had to move furniture and keep doors closed.  She had to be kept busy and outta the house.  One night (the day the painter came) she smelled the paint.  She said, "Dad, what is that smell?  Is our A/C?  You need to get that checked out.  It stinks."  HA.

Anyway, she LOVED it.  She was very surprised.  She loves having her own space.  She loves the owls (which are very in right now...they are everywhere!).

As for the other 2 sharing a room...we were a little nervous about Colbie "early bird" Jeaner waking up Isaac.  But it has been fine.  They have done really well sharing a room.

So here is Daisy's room...

When we bought this bean bag it was just me and Dan in good ol' Mountain Lodge.  And now there are three little kids laying on it...WHO'S KIDS ARE THEY??  Mine?  what?  no way...

One morning I was out driving the kids to school and this was the beautiful. :)


Jamie Greene said...

Cute room! I love that Daisy!

Michael and Hannah said...