Tuesday, February 7

Daisy's Share Show

 Daisy had a Share show where they "share" all their songs from music class.  If they had been taking dance they shared their dances as well.  She was not in dance last semester so she just sang. :)  I didn't get a sitter so Coco, Bean and I headed to watch the performance.  Isaac looks like I yanked him outta bed and put him straight in the car.  They actually did fairly well.  They both sat on my lap and watched.  Til about round three of the same songs (each class did the same thing) and such...then it got a little touch and go. :)

 Daisy looking to see if we are watching her.  OF COURSE. 
 Us enthralled in the show. :)  Isaac poses for pic #2. :)

 They sang a song about fruits and veggies. :)
 This pic doesn't do justice to the fact that it was CROWDED and that parental paparazzi was in full effect. :)

 I didn't get any great shots.  I will blame it on the two wallering hooligans in my lap. :)  But really, the lighting in those shows is terrible for a point and shoot camera.

 And this is just a cute pic of Colbs wearing my shoes. :)

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