Thursday, February 2

January Randoms

 I'll just let y'all know when he outgrows this "car lining up" phase. :)  OR when we get the official diagnosis of OCD. :)

 They both decided to gather up all their stuff of the same kind and display it.  It just made me feel like I had bought into american advertising and propaganda.  *sigh*

One night Daniel had a meeting and I was wanting ChickFilA.  So I called Amanda Pell to meet us for dinner.  We had no idea it was PAJAMA NIGHT!  FUN!  Crafts, stuffed animals, huge cows, fun, fun and more fun. :) That really made bedtime come fast. :)
 The kids were in heaven.
 Wish we had known, they coulda worn their pj's!  They made pillowcases.  They had ice-cream.  They played on the play place.  They got stickers.  It was good times.  It did remind me a little bit of THIS time at ChickFilA.  You need to read that post...funny stuff.

 Colbie was NOT too thrilled with the cows.  She stayed backed in the booth like this.  She'd wait for them to pass and bolt to the play area.  HA!
 Look at this look!!

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Jamie G. said...

Haha! Went back and read the old post. Creepy Ariel! And I forgot what a chunker Isaac was. Too cute!