Monday, February 13

January Randoms

SO, these 2 pics below are a LONG story.  We went to a "Circus" that came thru town.  It was call Piccadilly Circus.  We had free kids tickets.  We showed up and it was SUCH A SCAM.  The adult tickets were 32 DOLLARS EACH (CASH ONLY) the cheap seats and $42 for ring side.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  And in a nut shell, the circus was composed mostly of house pets, bad jugglers and poor english.  :) Want more detail?  Read on....

Surely you have some questions for me.  Are you curious what actually happened?  Well, go ahead and ask...

Was there a big top (like the ticket advertised)?  NO.  

Was there a real life Transformer there in person to meet?  NO.  

Was there a "petting zoo open one hour before the show"?  If by "one hour" you mean they opened the gates to enter at show time and if by "petting zoo" you meant 5 llamas giving the hairy eye, eager to spit and 2 monkeys (that really you can't reach)...then yes. 

But were we there early for it with all three kids?  YES.  

Surely you could feed them for free?...yes, "$2 a dixie cup free".  

Were there elephant rides?  Surprisingly yes.  

Was it expensive? ...well the guy said it was $5 a ticket...but when the kid  (someone we don't know...cause at this time we woulda had to barter clothing to have money for it)  got up to was 2 tickets to ride.  REALLY?!

Did you feel robbed when you paid RIDICULOUS amounts for the snacks and the popcorn was stale and the cotton candy was too?  Yes but mostly confused.  I mean the cotton candy could be in the bag for weeks...but the popcorn?  We were the first show of the weekend!  Couldn't they pop us a new batch?  Was it left over from the last town they scammed?

Were you bummed when the juggler dropped the balls six times but then scared when he reached for the fire batons??  Distraught and dismayed!  

And did the same feelings apply when the scantily clad dancing lady disappeared and turned into a white tiger???  YES...but then I felt the urge to grab my children and run in the event they let that tiger out in the ring. With the whole "inept juggler" thing I was a little nervous.  Thankfully they just rolled that tiger outta there still in his cage.  

Was the house cat high dive or the Sheep dogs in the tube slide your favorite part?  Oooh.  That's a toughy.  I'll have to go with the dogs...they were a fluffy barking frenzy that looked like cotton balls (several at a time) sliding down a straw.  Brings a smile to my face just thinking about them.  :)  

Thankfully we went with the Pells and Tolers who helped us to take it on the chin a little better.  We had a good laugh about it.  And Lisa was sure to inform the animal right activist (yes there were protesters) on the way out that the cats were treated sweetly and the sheep dogs LOVED the tube slide (maybe they could save their time and protest elsewhere?).  BUT the kids loved it, and that was the goal. 

Live and learn. 

 Who's the lady on the motorcycle in the background, you ask?  She was one of the riders in the big ball...I had my phone handy in case I needed to call 911.

 This is a view from inside my room one morning.  Is nothing sacred?

 This blue chair has been hours of fun for my kids.  It's an office chair that they lay on and slide around the house.  Good times.  And the head band was made by a friend at church and given to Daisy.
 Electric Company TIME!!!  4:30 Eastern baby!! :)
 Daisy working on her homework.  And me trying out Instagram.
 YAY!  A cup from the National Championship!!! RACHEL IS THE BEST!!!
 Daniel Jones:  who went from the occasional cigarette (Nokia Flip Phone) to straight up snorting crack cocaine (iPhone 4S).  The 4S has actually been a bit disappointing so far...
 And this is BABY WHITNEY cute is she????
And this is Co...continuing his obsession with Cars. :)


Jamie Greene said...

Bummer about the circus, but the tights/socks that Colbie was rocking are adorable!

Brian, Glenda, Oliver & Madelyn said...

That circus post is hillarious! Not a lot of things make me laugh out loud but every description of the event made laugh. ha!!

Lark said...