Monday, February 27

Visit to Orlando to see the Schmidts

 We headed to Orlando for the day in January.  We like to skip town for the day every now and then. :)  We played at Dr Phillips Park that we used to love when we lived there.  

 Me and my man.  :)
And look at my static in my hair! ;)
...not really, but funny tree placement for the pic. :)
 Daisy and Isaac got on this thing with all these other kids.  I was impressed with their skill.  They all played really well together for a long time, trying to stay on it while it turned.
 The pic above was taken with Instagram app on my phone.  
Still trying to figure out why this is such a cool app...
 I was seating my previous posts for pics of Daisy sitting on this very spot when she was younger...but I alas, I have failed. :(  Just imagine a 4 year old version of Daisy sitting there.
 Posing with Ben and Sarah. :)  We ate at Cantina Laredo.  It was good.  It was Daisy's actual birthday so we got her a fun dessert.  :)

 Bad pic but the only one I have of her with the dessert!
 Happy Birthday my sweet Daisy! 
 My friend Becky made this banner.  We used it with a similar Happy Birthday banner for her bday week.  But when we were done we just hung it up in her room.  HOW CUTE IS THAT??
 The Gorman twins made Daisy these birthday snowflakes (?) and she hung them up in her room. :)
 I asked Daisy to help me set the table.  And a few mins later I looked up...she had gone above and beyond!  All the silver wear, drinks, napkins, and place cards!!  Sweet Daisy.


Mendy Cline Spivey said...

Such a sweet family!! I love reading your posts!

kensley said...

Daisy's getting so big!! Colbie too!!! <3 I miss you guys!! :(