Monday, March 12

Coco learns to ride his bike!

I honestly feel he coulda done this a long time ago.  But we have this little bike that is really heavy for a bike it's size.  The tire was flat for a while.  Daniel fixed it up and spent an afternoon with him working on  it (the ol' towel-under-the-armpits trick).  He did great!  Starting and stopping was rough.  He would start bawling before he even had to stop in fear of what may happen when he did!  Silly boy.  Now, not much later, he can start and stop with ease. I'm impressed with him.  This new house does not give us a good place for him to practice.  Our street can be unpredictably busy. And it's hard for me to watch both ways with three kids going all directions.  We do have a little cul-de-sac kinda thing we go down too to practice though.  So proud of The Co!

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Jamie Greene said...

Way to go Co! So proud of him!