Friday, March 16

Colbie's Casual Park Party

Oh man.  Ok, so Colbie's casual park party was also an embarrassing moment(s) for me. 
 And here we go...

With all the craziness of the weekend (Les Mis in Tampa, Family in town, Daisy's party) I decided to go low key on Colbie's party.  I wanted to celebrate her bday with mama and Julie in town.  Also, my super generous friend from college, Hannah Rhodes Rogers, sent me LOTS of fun printed Minnie Mouse party things that were left over from her little girls Minnie Mouse extravaganza.  When I saw her pics on FB, I told her I was jealous and thought about just photoshopping my families faces on to her pics for my blog.  I was kidding.  :)  But she offered to mail me her left overs!  SO SWEET. 

So Sunday at church I told people at Doxa to go grab lunch and meet us at a local park for some cake to celebrate Colbie.  When we arrived, there was a pavilion open.  Yay.  So we go and begin setting up for the party.  Just about the time we are all decorated and many of our "guests" are there...a lady comes up to the pavilion demanding to know who's party this is????  My face flushed and I said, "ummm...mine."  DANG.  I hate breaking rules.  It didn't say reserved, in my defense.  So, in my embarrassed state my sweet friends and their kids and I started grabbing things and we relocated on the ground under some trees near by. Then, it was time for cake!  We sang Happy Birthday and everyone cheered.  At first we couldn't find the the cake cutter/server thing.  In all the scramble to evacuate the pavilion, it was moved to who knows where!  Finally found it.  Then we'd started to pass out the cake...and realized there were NO forks.  At all.  Didn't even remember to pack them to bring them.  *SIGH*  My friends were so kind and gracious.  They all had cake with their hands!  

I would say a good time was had by all.  But I was sweating like a pregnant nun in all that mayhem and non-planningness.  I hate being unprepared.  But guess who had NO idea?  Colbie.  And really, that's all that mattered.  :) (but my sweat glands didn't get that memo...)

She was SO thrilled to have a "Min Mowe Keek" (Minnie Mouse Cake).  She loved everyone singing to her.  She was pointing to herself as they sang.  She tried to do 2 with her fingers...but it looks like she is grabbing a light bulb thats sticking out in front of her. :)  Sweet girl!

 Here's the Phillips new puppy, Lola. :)

 Way to go Publix!  And notice Minnie is sunk down in her towel?  Colbie Jeaner strikes.  See the trees with only the palms showing?  Colbie Jeaner strikes again. :)
 Odd pic:  Meghan High and Sawyer.  Kylie Pell and her daddy, Chris. And standing is Ryan Toler.
 Alli, Debbie and Matt.
 One of my sweet friends re-hung the banner in the trees near to us :)

 Nat Nat with MinMowe balloon

 Chris and Matt
 Chocolate bar of the fun things Hannah sent me. :)
 Another version of 2 from Colbie. :)

 Happy Birthday Colbie Jean!
 Emma Dean is first in line! :)
 Scott Lanker helped me serve the "finger food" cake. 
 Bean Bean eating cake with Aunt Julie (on a fork used with our lunch).

 Julie was over Emery's whining. :)
"We love her, chicky, love her, chicky, love her, chicky, love her!"  
We love you Colbie Jean!  Happy 2nd Birthday!!

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Jamie Greene said...

Happy birthday Colbie! Hey, and you saved some plastic by not using forks. Good for you!