Thursday, March 15

Daisy's 7th Birthday Party

Daisy is 7!  WHAT?!  I mean, it's just crazy.  I guess I will say that every year. :)  This year we went for "low key party" at our house.  This was our first experience with the drop off party.  I was not familiar with it until a few months ago when Alli said she was dropping Grant off at party.  Let me tell you why this is so wonderful...because you are NO longer doing a party for parents and kids...just KIDS.  And guess who doesn't really care about the details of a party that adults do?  and guess who gets to do less work?  ME!  Good times.  Julie and I decorated with Daisy.  She wanted a piñata, games w Daddy in the yard, cookie cake and time to play.  Piece. Of. Cake.  :) She requested 6 of her favorite friends, pizza rolls, doritos, cheezits and Sprite. :)  Daniel was a champion of playing with the girls in the yard.  He ran and played and they loved it.  While me, mama, Julie, and Alli sipped on water and THIS is my kinda bday party. :)  HA!

Becky Gorman of RHG Designs on Facebook made our adorable banner to hang for the party.  Then we just take the Daisy part and hang it in her room for decoration when it's not birthday time. 

 Ok, Cookie Company, seriously?  "Happy Birthday 7th Daisy?"  And who is your decorator?  Can I please work there part time to help Ocala birthday parties everywhere NOT be sad when they open their box?  Daisy coulda done better.  I actually heard a guy ask for a form to apply to work there...and the guy behind the counter said he had to have art experience.  Not true, Cookie Co Counter Boy, not true.  But if this was the only disappointment (and it was minor) of the birthday then we are doing pretty great.

 Thanks Becky!  LOVE my banner. :)

 Goodie bags

 Birthday Girl!!  
 We did go round and round in the party store about what she wanted the theme to be.  She couldn't decide and we had the guy who worked there putting back and bringing out piñatas for 30 mins straight. :) Owl, no--this one has no beak, no--Hello Kitty, No--maybe owl, wait, what about puppies/animals?, wait, no owls...whew. :)
 Photo shoot before the party while we waited on the porch for our guests. :)

Mama-Daisy Moment. :)
 Daniel was dancing some kinda booty dance behind me while I got this pic...pretty cute of all the girls. :)
 Hanging out in the grapefruit tree. :)  Olivia (Livers), Alexis and Dais.  Olivia was a trooper.  She is older (8) but was the only non-Madison Street friend there.  She did great though. :)
 CoraLei, Megan, Emma, Chelsea
 E. Claire woke up during the party. :)  And she found the love of her little life...this group of balloons.  So funny!  She walked around with them the rest of the day.  She's so tiny that you can't always see her.  But this day you could find her all day long. :)

For example...Emery is in the pic can we tell? ;)

Daniel was playing some kind of "pelt me with grapefruit" game.  The girls LOVED it. 
Emery and Balloon Bundle sitting in a tree...k-i-s-s-i-n-g....
Piñata TIME!  We did the pull the string way.
Isn't it fun to have an outdoor party in February?

Me and Alli 

Me and Jules and E. Claire.  E is probaby crying cause she doesn't have her balloons, no joke.

"Not cheez-its Jeeg!  Balloons!" :)
Par-tay!  These girls were cracking me up, being all chatty and silly and laughing.  Daisy was having a blast. ;)

I heart cookie cake!
Daddy, Mama and the birthday girl.   
(We sent Isaac to his friend Brandon's house and Colbie was napping.)

We played a balloon relay in the backyard with some balloons Chelsea's mama had given us (that were left over from Chelsea's party the day before).  
Then it wouldn't be Daisy's birthday with out a dance party, would it? :)

I hate that in the pic above my mom and sister are sitting...cause they are fun dance machines and were in on the action at some point.  It just wasn't captured.
Another love of my sweet little niece Emery, besides balloons, is dancing.  I thought Colbie was a dancer cause when she heard music she would nod to the beat or wave her arms.  But OH NO.  E. Money, (which should be her dancing name) seriously BREAKS. IT. DOWN. when she hears music with a beat, do you hear me?  I mean, whole body, shaking it, squatting, arm motions and a precious little dance face to go with it.  It beats all I've ever seen, as my Alabama relatives would say.  Imagine this tiny little thang shaking what her mama gave her!  It is one of my very favorite things about her!!!  

And speaking of her ("Hey!  Who's bday post is this anyway?!" I am sure Daisy will ask one day :)) cute is this?  Nothin' but a diaper, red hair and some moccasins.  That face is so sweet I wanna eat it.

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benilhalk said...

Wow! This is fantastic. I am sure she had the best time of her life. I really liked the decoration and arrangements a lot. I have also shortlisted some of the Venues in NYC for my daughter’s birthday and I am happy I came across this post, I can now take some cute ideas from here.