Wednesday, March 14

February Fun--Les Mis

 My mama, Julie and Emery came into town the first weekend in February.  Mom was coming alone for a visit/watch the kids while we went to Tampa for Les Miserable. :)  But the  weekend evolved into 2 birthday celebrations, date night for Dan & I, and Julie and Emery joining the fun!  Here are the kids with Mama. :)
 Jean and Jean.
 Everyone fighting over Jeeg.  Emery Claire was like,
 "What is going on here??  I never have to share her!"
 This is Daisy and Mrs. Bray...her favorite teacher in the whole wide world. :)

 Below are pics from our fun in Tampa.  
We went with Alli & Brandon Phillips 
and Liz (Alli's sister) & Brian Wakefield.

 We started the fun at the Cheesecake Factory.  Mmmmmm.

Les Mis was great! They did give me a brief synopsis of the play before we went. (I had never seen it.)  SO glad they did.  Although, I think I still would have loved it with out that info!  It was amazing.


Judy said...

Looks like so much fun! I rarely comment but often "creep" on your blog!

Jamie Greene said...

WEIRD!!! Brian Wakefield used to teach Adam youth and family classes at Faulkner. Such a little Coc world. People always used to tell me I look like his wife, who I never met, but now seeing pictures, I don't really agree. Haha. Sounds like a good time!