Sunday, March 11

Jan/Feb fun

 Colbie loves to hide in this closet in the laundry room. :) 
 Bedtime story with Jeeg when she visited. :)  They love to hear stories about me, Scott and Julie when were were little. 
 Lookin' good CO! 
 Daisy carrying her cookie cake when we picked it up at the mall.  

 This is Colbs and Brady leaving the Y.  She looks like she forced this hand holding but I promise is was HIS idea.  She is only 4 months older than Brady...but it looks like she is much older.
 I went to Daisy's class for her class party of "Are you smarter than a first grader?"  I was nervous!  Thankfully, I got an easy q.  The pressure was on!  They kids LOVED it.  Then they sang the continent song and played their homemade instruments. :)

 This is a house church....we are baby central! :)
 I kept the Gorman Boys for Becky one day...It was insane!  No, it was fine.  Look at Colbie's face.  HA!
 Kristy got this pic of Colbie at Kara's party.  Pretty sweet. 
 Above is "Sunny" the class hamster for Mrs. Bray's class.  It was our turn to bring him home.  This is her spaceship looking home.  He's a dwarf hamster.  We had him out in the ball and Colbie punted him across the room!  Sorry Sunny!  I am sure he hates the weekends....
 Daisy LOVED having him...on day one.  When Monday rolled around she was fine with taking him back.  Glad we didn't learn that lesson on buying one of our own!
 This pic below is HILARIOUS.  I told her to say cheese and this was the face I got!  HAHAHA!! She reminds me of Chris Farley in Tommy Boy.

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