Sunday, March 18

Pics from Are You Smarter Than a 1st Grader (and more Sunny)

Jack Gorman challenging his mama in math. :)

Daisy challenged me in Social Studies (American History).  Somehow I lucked out...Johnny Appleseed!  But I didn't know his real name. :(

"My mom catches Z's when she goes to bed"...ha!
I have SO felt that way before... :)

more Sunny pics below...

Sunny's scary view... :)
Isaac is thrilled with him!!

We got him out a little later and let him play in this little fence.  Did I mention he is nocturnal?  He must think our house is just one long bad dream. HA!  I was secretly hoping he would be that Ratatouille mouse who would pull my hair to help me make amazing dinners for my family that weekend.  No such luck.  :(

Daisy wanted to read him a book.  Look how into it he was!  
Sunny did chomp down on my finger pretty good...didn't break the skin...but did make me wanna chunk him across the room! :(  No, he's a cute little thing.  We had fun for the few days we had him.  But was glad to return him on Monday.  I was a nervous wreck that we'd hurt/lose/damage permanently (Mrs. Bray, why doesn't Sunny play around anymore?  Why does he just sit and twitch in the corner?) the first graders favorite animal!!

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Jamie Greene said...

"If I had 100 little brothers..." Haha! I had a notebook like that in first grade. Still have it. It's fun to get out and read every now and then.