Monday, March 19

Second Annual (for Dan and Daisy) Father Daughter Dance

Each year Ambleside School puts on this Father Daughter Dance as a fundraiser.  They go all out.  They really do an amazing job (from what I hear!).  Daisy and Daniel both look forward to this.  She had this dress as a hand-me-down.  We made it work. :)  We always curl her hair, do her nails and get everything all laid out and ready for their date.  They usually go to eat with a group of other father daughter couples before the dance.  This year they went with a group from church to one of those hibachi grill places.  Daisy loves those places.  They had a blast!  They both did a good amount of dancing.  :)  Daniel was all wet with sweat afterwards.  Daisy was exhausted!!  I love that they do this each year.  What a special time together and what fun memories!

 eh hmm.  excuse the super messy closet.  Daisy is always ready and waiting on her Daddy...watching him get ready. :)

 The Handsome Couple

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Jamie Greene said...

That Daisy is going to be a gorgeous young woman some day! She's already so beautiful now. :)