Tuesday, March 20

Sweet things in February...

Well for starters, Daniel Jones got up extra early on the Tuesday of Valentines Day to make me this deliciousness (pictured below).  I heart french toast, fruit, hot tamales, and conversation hearts. :)  He def this kids this and everything!  What a man. :)  We usually just exchange cards (per my request) but this year he went above and beyond. So in case you were wondering, Dan IS the man. :)

How sweet was this?  One of Daniel's patients shoe polished his car with sweet notes.  :)
Happy Valentines Day Dr Jones!
Best Orthodontist around
Happy Valentines Day
Heart always ???

This was so cool until it wasn't washed yet and I had to take it out for an errand one day.  I was a little embarrassed. :/
Daisy had a playmate with Emma Joyner and they dressed as twins.  They are the same size...which for first grade is bigger and taller than most of the others. :)  They made a palace...for "Royal People Only." (no moms and dads...or Colbie's...which was hard seeing that the Palace was in the den.)
Daisy wrote this sweet note to her good friend Olivia.  Sweet Daisy. Olivia was in India with her Daddy on a mission trip so we texted it to her. :)
How absolutely precious is this pony tail?  SO SWEET.  I remember loving Daisy's little toddler ponytails too.  
I can't get over it. 
or my cute phone cover...can't get over it either. :)
See?  I needed one more cute pic of her sweet little head with a ponytail on it. :)
I thought this was cute of the Co in the airport.
Daisy got a hold of my phone on the plane (on our way to AR).  Her faces are funny and sweet. :)

Hope everyone had a sweet February! ;)

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